7 unique characteristics

1. Special construction with all 6 sides being collapsed (Patented)

saibo02-p01Helps to be carried in and out from any direction and can drastically improve its workability.
Maintenance is easy and parts can be readily and inexpensively repaired (change parts).

2. It collapses to one-fifth in size

saibo02-p02This can save a space for stocking and improve the efficiency of load capacity.
It makes it possible to drastically reduce the cost of transportation.

3. Lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble

saibo02-p03There are no hinges or tools necessary to disassemble and assemble the Saibo container.
It is lightweight and is easy to handle one person on their own.

4. The container is made of resin and has high weather resistance

saibo02-p04The polypropylene body is strong in water resistance.
It can protect contents from rain and humidity.
As the container doesn’t involve any paper material, it is suitable for transporting food and meets the needs of a hygenic environment.

5. High pressure capacity and safety

The containers can be safely stacked up to four containers high.
If aluminum corners are added to the container, it can withstand 18,600 Kgf.
The sturdy body can be reused approximately 10 times.


〈Pressure resistance test data〉 The results of pressure resistance tests done by a public organization shows the Saibo returnable container has a pressure capacity of more than 4,720 Kgf. When it comes to loading, it is safe to load up to 1,500 (one-third). A container with 500 kg in goods can be stacked three containers high, which shows that Saibo has enough pressure capacity for most regular use.

6. Economical and flexible

saibo02-p07It is possible to custom design your own container size inexpensively, as a mold or wood mold are not necessary for manufacturing. We can deal with small lot orders. (from 1 case)

7. Manufacturer support of collection, storage and maintenance

saibo02-p08For lease contracts, the manufacturer (Nishida Seikan Corp.) takes care of repair, cleaning, deodorizing, sterilization and collection. For rental contracts, there is a ‘just in time system’ where you can use as many containers as you need anytime that you need a container. You don’t have to worry about the complicated management work and space for container storage.

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